About Us

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The Founder
Ghulam Muhammad A. Fecto
Late Mr. Ghulam Muhammad A. Fecto, the Founder and Chairman of FECTO Group of Industries was born in 1926 at Jetpur in the Indian state of Gujarat, into a respectable Memon family. In Mumbai he started business from a small shoe store. The shop is still there with the same name of Coronation Footwear at Grand Road. He migrated from Mumbai to Dhaka in former East Pakistan and started a trading business dealing in electrical goods and home appliances, Radios and TVs, Wire & Cable and Automobiles. Shortly afterwards, the business entered into a joint venture with Japan to manufacture Toshiba radio sets. The company was a pioneer in setting up technical collaboration with Japan. The business soon expanded and industrial activities commenced in the western wing of Pakistan. In fact, the Group’s pace of development was so fast that it soon flowered into two Sugar Mills, a Tractor Plant, Cement Plant, two Paper Sack Units, Particle and MDF Board Plant. The dynamic Mr. Fecto has enjoyed a very distinguished career. He is the visionary as well as the architect of the FECTO Group. It is because of his inspiring leadership and ground-breaking efforts that the Fecto Group today enjoys a leading position among Pakistan’s front-line industrial groups and has established every banks, financing agencies, business and investment circles and the people at large. Ever since the establishment of the group’s first sugar mill, the FECTO name has become a symbol of Faith and an identity for the Group management’s respected business practices both nationally and internationally.

An Engine of National
Economic Growth

From 1970 onwards, the group has diversified its activities from trading to industrial production. This started with the acquisition of Adamjee (now FECTO) Sugar Mills Limited in early 1975, followed by the establishment of Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited in 1978. Bolstered by its initial successes, the group ventured into progressive manufacturing of agricultural tractors and farm equipment including agricultural implements of various types. Another major milestone in the Group’s forward march was the establishment of a most modern and pollution-free cement plant with 2000 tons per day capacity. This also made way for the launching of such allied industries as two Paper Sack Units that are located not too far from the cement plant. The Group manages two public-listed and Two private companies besides having substantial stakes in many other projects.


The FECTO Group is continuously engaged in a process of expansion. In order to keep pace with leading edge technological developments, it has adopted modern and scientific management techniques. To ensure sound and successful management, every project is entrusted to a team of professionally qualified managers who report to the Chief Executive. Except the financial activities/policies, which are centralised, all other matters concerning the projects are addressed by the managers who enjoy liberal decision-making powers to serve the best interests of the business. The team of managers includes local and foreign qualified engineers, charted accountants, cost and management accountants and MBAs.